Saint Basil the Great Catechetical School


The Brotherhood of Saint Dionysios intends to found an educational institution attached to the Monastery of Saint Dionysios the Areopagite located in Saint James, New York. This institution, called St. Basil the Great Catechetical School, will host classes and seminars that teach Eastern Orthodox Liturgics, Theology, and Aesthetics. Attached to the school will be a chapel which will host a full cycle of liturgical services.

We intend to offer theological and liturgical instruction free of charge to the local community, as well as lectures on the historical and cultural legacy of the Byzantine and Russian Empires and their role in forming Eastern Christianity. Seminars in Christian Aesthetics and practical courses in Iconography will be offered throughout the year for a nominal fee to offset the necessary material costs involved in iconography such as paints, icon boards, and gold leaf. There will be also be seminars offered in Byzantine Chant and Russian liturgical music.

Attached to the school will be a chapel where we will serve the full cycle of Eastern Orthodox liturgical services. These will not only provide the local community with the opportunity to experience the Orthodox Christian liturgical life, but also provide practical opportunities to teach Eastern Christian liturgics and Byzantine chant. Aspiring iconographers will be able to view icons in situ, as well as participate in the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church.

The initial building which will host the St. Basil the Great Catechetical School has already been designed and building permissions are currently being acquired. The building itself will cost roughly $600,000, with a further estimated cost of $200,000 for furnishing both the educational spaces and the chapel.

For images of the plans of the initial building in which the Catechetical School will be housed, please see our post: Church Building Project. Feel free to donate to this worthy project using the link below.