By the Grace of God, through the kind invitation of our friends and family among the faculty at Baylor University, and with the fraternal support of Fr. Theodore and his parishioners at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Waco, Texas, Archimandrite Maximos, Hieromonk Silouan and Hierodeacon Parthenios were able to visit and speak once again at Baylor University for a second Fall Semester (October 2016 & October 2017).

The total Freshman attendance over the three talks was in the vicinity of 4,000 to 4,500 students. The monks also had the privilege of speaking at:

  • a Q&A for an Honors Lecture on the Arts which discussed medieval Western and Eastern views on the arts,
  • twice at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Waco, Texas,
  • many talks and dinners with Baylor faculty members and students, and also with our family and friends in the area, who helped to facilitate and raise funds for the trip,
  • a very engaging and exciting group of Theatre Students, discussing all manner of themes, from spiritual life and monastic lifestyle, growing up and making decisions in the world, to interpreting films and the arts from an Orthodox and Patristic-minded perspective.

The first video below is the final, edited version of the Q&A talks given at Baylor Chapel. The second video was made with great effort and love by our friends at Baylor, directed by Matthew Aughtry, in the summer of 2017.