First Sunday at New Monastery


Through the mercy of God, the Brotherhood of the Monastery of Saint Dionysios the Areopagite celebrated its first Sunday Divine Liturgy on March 18, 2018 — the fourth Sunday of Great Lent and the day on which the Church celebrates the memory of our Holy Father among the Saints John Climacos (of the Ladder).

The celebration of the Liturgy was joyful and solemn, with Hieromonk Silouan reminding us during the homily to approach the ascent of the virtues with both patience and eagerness. The chanters sang the Cherubic Hymn to the melody of “The Noble Joseph” in hopeful anticipation of Holy Week and Pascha.

The photographs below document Vespers on the Eve of the Sunday of St. John Climacos, the Divine Liturgy itself, and the first Sunday trapeza at the Monastery’s new location. May God grant us a good completion to the Holy Fast!